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Penan Basket

The nomadic 'Penan' people of the rainforest of Sarawak, Borneo are people-group in transition as they are being integrated into settled communities. Famous for their finely made band mats all traditionally made with natural rattan fibers and colours, the pattern 'serut' and 'gaweng' baskets are originally 'back-packs'. other tribes also copy this forms, but nothing compares with the authentic Penan-made basket in its fineness.

Each motif on the basket has a meaning eg. 'betik tepun' (tiger's feet); 'betik kelunan' (a person with arms sticking out); 'betik atap ugen' (tip of blowpipe spear).

Bakelalan Reed Hat and Bark Box

The traditional conical double-layer reed and palm hat made in Bakelalan Highlands of Sarawak is beautifully enhanced with stitching patterns. Colors are also derived from the rainforest around the village eg. 'waar birar' vines for the yellow; 'skali' the lavender; 'skaro' leaves and mud for the black/grey.

The hats is combined with round bark container into a box used for storag of food or other utilities such as letters, keys etc. the product has been awarded UNESCO-ASEAN Crafts Seal of Excellence.





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